Chanter reed for a Howard Chanter in D
Specifications submited by Th.A.C.Spoor on 7/30/2003 3:48:46 PM


Staple blank
Material: brass
Sheet thickness :  mm

   6.12 mm

35.5 mm

26.75 mm


  11.72 mm

Staple brass tubing
Length tube = 55  mm
O.D. tube = 5  mm
I.D. tube = 1  mm

 Reed head

                                 19.95 mm
37.08 mm                 26.89 mm


A. Total length: 81.75mm
B. Tip width: 11.72mm
C. Width near bridle: 11.77mm
Bridle: normal
Distance from binding: 62.25 mm  
Shape of the reed head: boat
Cane: french

Tails gouged: no
Tonechamber gouged: no