Uilleann Pipes Reed Making Guide
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This site is still under construction and not ready yet!
But if you like to have a preview feel free to do so.
As someone once said 'A picture paints a 1000 words'.
So here's a step by step guide for making a chanter reed using ±75 pictures.
There are soundsamples of 'the crow' and the reed playing in the chanter.
And there will be a trouble shooting section in the near future.
As you'll understand the pages will take some time to load but there will be a Zipfile
to browse the pages off-line soon.

Introduction | Tools and materials | Links

| 1. Preparing the Slip | 2. Gouging the Slip | 3. Gouging the Tone chamber | 4. The Head |
| 5. The Staple | 6. Tying the Head to the Staple | 7. The Scrape | 8. The Bridle |

Soundsample 'Crow' without bridle 94K | Soundsample 'Crow' with bridle 94K
Soundsample of the reed playing in a Charles Roberts chanter up to d''' 495K

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